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Hermit Grub

Meal Mixer Bundle 4

Meal Mixer Bundle 4

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Add some flavor to your hermit crab's life with this 6 pack bundle of complete meal mixers for hermit crabs.

Choose between a reusable jar, a kraft paper ziplock bag or a ziplock bag made of PLA (plant based) compostable material.

* Refill Bags -
- Sample Kraft Paper Ziplock Pouch Refill: 3 tsp volume (approximately 1/2 oz)
- Small (2x3) Ziplock Refill: 1/4 cup volume (approximately 1 oz)
- Medium (3x3) Ziplock Refill: 1/3 cup volume (approximately 2 oz)
- Large (3x4) Ziplock Refill: 1/2 cup volume (approximately 3 oz)

* Reusable Jars -
- Sample Jar: 3 tsp volume (approximately 1/2 oz)
- Small Jar: 1/4 cup volume (approximately 1 oz)
- Medium Jar: 1/3 cup volume (approximately 2 oz)
- Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (approximately 3 oz)

This bundle includes crabbie fan favorite flavors:
Cobb Salad features refreshing flavors of sweet blackberry leaf, fluffy raspberry leaf, chopped dandelion leaf and marshmallow leaf and fragrant sea lettuce are combined with whole egg powder, fish meal, chopped walnuts, crushed oyster shell, spinach powder, crushed oyster shell and spinach pieces to create an all in one salad.

Coconut Shrimp starts with the crunch of red shrimp and grain based protein kamut with creamy whole egg powder, nutrient rich chlorella and spirulina seaweed powders, hulled sesame seeds, black lava salt, calcium carbonate, dandelion leaf and sweet coconut flakes.  

Cranberry Pumpkin Spice combines roasted turkey, sweet cranberries, chopped oak leaves, purple seaweed and calcium carbonate, mixed with earthy pumpkin powder, whole egg powder, whole grain oats and topped with red quinoa and cranberry powder. 

Flame Thrower features air dried red and green bell peppers, spicy red chili flakes, turmeric powder and jalapenos, mixed with crushed oyster shell, kelp granules, crayfish, cilantro leaf, whole grain oats and red lentils then finished with cooling blackberry leaf and diced blackberries. 

Skeletal Power Repair features calcium rich oyster shell flour, crushed oyster shell, eggshells, fish bone meal, calcium carbonate, crushed cuttlebone, spinach powder along with feather meal, sprouted buckwheat, nutrient rich spirulina powder, green sand, coral pieces, rose petals and topped with healing bee pollen granules, bee pollen powder and sweet honey granules.

Tuna Casserole is filled with chunks of wild tuna, chopped celery and carrots, crushed crab and lobster shell, sweet peas, cage free eggshells, crunchy sprouted sorghum, birch bark and topped with almond pieces, whole grain oats and kelp granules. 

These tasty all in one meals are made in small batches locking in nutrients, freshness and flavor for a taste your hermit crabs are sure to love.

Simply serve 1/4 tsp per hermit crab.

Key Benefits:
-Each meal is a complete meal in one, containing ingredients from every major food category so you can be sure your hermit crab's nutrional needs are being met.

-Made with all organic ingredients in small fresh batches to retain all nutrients and flavor.

-Completely free from any chemicals, additives and preservatives because your crabby baby only deserves the best quality natural ingredients.

-Hermit Grub ensures 100% traceable and verified ingredients sourced, produced and packaged here in the USA.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. May refrigerate to extend shelf life.

Best by:
12 Months from purchase date.

Nuts, shellfish and wheat products are used in this facility, please note any allergies if applicable.

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