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Hermit Grub

Green Sand

Green Sand

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Greensand comes from a marine environment and is rich in silica, lime, fossils and minerals that are essential for your hermit crabs health. It's a good idea to keep this available in your hermit crab tank at all times.

Sample Kraft Ziplock (2x2”) - holds approximately 3 tsp or 1.5 oz
Small 2x3” Ziplock - holds approximately ¼ cup or 1.9 oz
Medium 3x3” Ziplock - holds approximately ⅓ cup or 3.5 oz

Hermit Grub knows how important it is to feed your hermit crabs a balanced, nutritious diet, so we offer individual ingredients that help round out your hermit crabs diet. Pair with other individual ingredients for a complete meal or with one of our complete meal mixers. Hermit Grub recommends offering a balanced diet daily and your hermit crab will instinctively eat what their body needs.

Feeding Instructions:
Recommended serving size is ⅓ tsp per 3 hermit crabs. I feed my hermit crabs 2-3 complete meal mixers, a protein, a fruit and/or veggie, and an extra (i.e. popcorn mix, flower confetti, etc) every day, as well as having a dish with a calcium source worm castings and green sand available at all times. Dry mixes should be changed every 2-3 days. Small servings work best as hermit crabs love variety but eat tiny amounts at a time. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Store food in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. All food is shelf stable and lasts for around a year from purchase date.

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