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Hermit Grub

Mystery Scoop Bundle

Mystery Scoop Bundle

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All items are hermit crab food or hermit crab related. We have a bin full of tiny plastic gumball machine capsules that have the names of products from our store written on them. We will scoop out the number of capsules you choose and fulfill what is written in each capsule. If you would like your order to be packed on video and played on TikTok with your profile tagged, please add a comment in the notes section at checkout :)

XS Scoop - 3 Small/1 Large
Small Scoop - 5 Small/1 Large
Medium Scoop - 9 Small/1 Large
Large Scoop - 14 Small/2 Large
XL Scoop - 19 Small/2 Large
XXL Scoop - 25 Small/3 Large

In the mystery scoop you MAY receive any variety of the following -

SMALL CAPSULES (Ingredients are in 1.5x2" Ziplock Bag)
Protein - Crickets or Bloodworms or Gammarus Shrimp or Earthworms
Aquatic - Wakame Seaweed or Nori Green Seaweed
Treats - Honey Granules or Snake Skin or
Pink Himalayan Salt or Bee Pollen Powder
Stinky - Bat Guano or Cattles Blood
Calcium - Coral or Dungeness Crab Shell
Produce - Cranberries or Savoy Cabbage or Guava or Broccoli
Plant Litter - Banana Leaf or Plantain Leaf
Seeds & Nuts - Sesame Seeds or Pepitas

LARGE CAPSULES (Specialty Items)
Plastic Leaf Vine with Suction Cups
Hermit Crab Button
Shell Magnet
Mini Hermit Crab Toy
Oblong Feeding Dish
Shell Candle
Three Scallop Seashell Feeding Dish
Small Basket with Seashells
Clear Jar with Mini Seashells
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