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Hermit Grub

PB Banana N Pop

PB Banana N Pop

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PB Banana N Pop is a fun treat for your hermit crabs. This mix contains organic, tender white popcorn, powdered peanut butter and dried banana chips, blended for easy eating. Your crabbies will love this!

Sample Kraft Ziplock (2x2”) - holds approximately 3 tsp or 0.1 oz
Small 2x3” Ziplock - holds approximately ¼ cup or 0.2 oz
Medium 3x3” Ziplock - holds approximately ⅓ cup or 0.4 oz
Large 3x4" Ziplock - holds approximately 1/2 cup or 0.6 oz

Hermit Grub knows how important it is to feed your hermit crabs a balanced, nutritious diet, so we offer individual ingredients that help round out your hermit crabs diet. Pair with other individual ingredients for a complete meal or with one of our complete meal mixers. Hermit Grub recommends offering a balanced diet daily and your hermit crab will instinctively eat what their body needs.

Feeding Instructions:
Recommended serving size is ⅓ tsp per 3 hermit crabs. I feed my hermit crabs 2-3 complete meal mixers, a protein, a fruit and/or veggie, and an extra (i.e. popcorn mix, flower confetti, etc) every day, as well as having a dish with a calcium source worm castings and green sand available at all times. Dry mixes should be changed every 2-3 days. Small servings work best as hermit crabs love variety but eat tiny amounts at a time. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Store food in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. All food is shelf stable and lasts for around a year from purchase date.
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